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No longer needed!   Closed

Thank you for the interest but we have got this sorted by a family friend. We have a fireplace that we need plastered (finished). We have already...

Tokyngton, London     I'm flexible     Olivia M.


£160 - £300


Capping off a gas pipe under floorboards   Closed

We have a gas pipe that needs to be capped underneath the floorboards as it is no longer in use. It is currently sticking out of the floorboards....

Tokyngton, London     ASAP     Olivia M.


£75 - £90


No longer needed

We need 2 new lights fitted (one bedroom and one living room) and two new light switches fitted in these rooms. We would also like to install 2 extra...

Tokyngton, London     I'm flexible     Olivia M.


£75 - £500


Mount TV wall mount onto wall

We have a TV mount that we would like fitted on a bedroom (brick) wall. It comes complete with all screws and raw plugs necessary, but we would like a...

Tokyngton, London     Within 2 days     Olivia M.




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